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Parkinson’s Disease

There are estimated to be 80,000 Australians living with Parkinson's disease (PD). A diagnosis can occur at any age, with the most common age of diagnosis being 50-60 years. There are no concrete figures available of how many people with Parkinson's (PWP) live in the City of Sydney.

Chris DavisChris Davis (UTS Sustainability Business Development Manager) and Gerald Ganglbauer (The Ultimo Society) joined forces to launch a new support group in Ultimo, which closes a gap in Parkinson's NSW's existing support network.

Both Chris and Gerald know what is like to be challenged with PD, as they both suffer from the illness.

Gerald Ganglbauer"When I was diagnosed a couple of years ago at 47, I went into shock; my emotions ranged from denial and disbelief to anger and depression. I wished I had known someone like me in the neighbourhood to talk to face to face," Gerald said.

"Besides raising awareness for Parkinson's in the community, this is the main reason we're launching a new local support group. We invite every PWP in the City West area to join the group!"

There is no cure for Parkinson's disease, however there are a number of effective treatment and therapy options that can help manage symptoms. Nevertheless, the best therapy to share the burden is always a good talk.

Gerald Ganglbauer
World Parkinson's Day
11 April 2008



Ultimo Support Group
Trish MorganThe Ultimo Support Group was initiated by Chris and Gerald on World Parkinson's Day 2008 to serve PWP living in the city, and launched on 4 June 2008, at the Ultimo Community Centre, where a meeting room was kindly provided by the Cityof Sydney.
USG is the 55th Parkinson's disease support group in NSW, so joins a large family of active Parkinson’s stakeholders.

Trish Morgan
Parkinson's NSW Support Groups Coordinator

Phone 8875 8903



Skype LogoAfter three years of real life meetings, which are being held every month at UCC, Gerald moved first to Western Australia and then, after 25 years (1989–2013) back to Austria, and added virtual support with instant messaging groups on Skype.

You can find NSW and national Parkins(on)line Groups right here on our USG website.

Global information www.parkinsonline.info


Notes from the first meeting

  • Co-convenors for USG will be Gerald Ganglbauer and Chris Davis
  • USG will meet on the 1st Thursday of each month, from 10 till noon [say 10:15 – the Centre opens at 10]
  • Members will rotate catering
  • There will be no formal minute taking or motions, but notes will be kept and distributed
  • The Ultimo Community Centre (UCC) will be the permanent venue for USG
  • Members were happy to have their contact details made available for other USG members on our mailing list
  • Recruitment channels could include: neurologists; UTS; TAFE; newspapers and local newspapers like The Glebe, CENtRAL Sydney; CITY NEWS; the Centre notice board.

Ultimo, 4 June 2008

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