Virtual (and real) Support Groups

With Parkinsonline, Gerald Ganglbauer, Parkinson's Ambassador and co-founder of the Ultimo Support Group, introduces a new “virtual” support group social network. He’s put it all in the name: The group’s topic is Parkinson’s, everyone is online and shares the line with a small group of other people with Parkinson’s who are "on" (not off…) for a chat at home or on the road, day or night.
Real Support Group - MeetingReal Support Group - Meeting
A meeting of the Ultimo Support Group in Sydney

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How does it work?

Parkinsonline virtual support groups run with Skype Instant Messaging software and apps on all computers and smartphones, like Macintosh, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, and more, for free! Joining is easy. Here is help, if you need a hand, if you're already up and running, enjoy!



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We are people living with Parkinson's and we enjoy a get-together in support groups, however, some of us are not always able to actually attend meetings, while others are out of town, so Gerald Ganglbauer created virtual support groups. These private meeting points are open 24/7 and run on free Skype Instant Messaging.

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Where are these groups?

Skype Groups are so far running in Australia, Austria, and Germany. Select a group:

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